30 Ways To STEAL Diamonds From ANYONE!

3. apr. 2021
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30 Ways To STEAL Diamonds From ANYONE!
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  • Can you make another TNT video

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  • The fact that this mans has 2 stack of netherite means he probably doesn’t need diamonds

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  • who is wasd

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  • But I have a rabit

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  • I like how he changed his shirt every clip

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  • I like how you change your shirt every clip

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  • You should do Ahpmu

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  • What i do is i hide my diamonds ynder my campfire,challenge my friends to find them and the FAIL every time

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  • he killed the bunny 😭

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  • That is a baby Preston

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  • I once grow a tree to get over my friend’s wall

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  • And now it’s time to go on my computer and follow unspeakable’s directions.

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  • I love your vids so much and can you make Fortnite vids

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  • I will tell Preston about this video.

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  • "Preston" is a zombie

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  • do a minigame like this but a player is the person being robbed. the player on team diamond owner has 1 1/2 minutes to hide 64 diamonds, the diamonds can be separated, defend the base from the robber. team robber has 3 Minutes to get the 64 diamonds, depending on the difficulty number the robber gets overpowered items. difficulty 1 is no items, 2 is water cannon,3 is a cannon, 4 is a private jet, 5 is a grappling hook, and 6 is water necklace.

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  • I don't have any friends because I my friends at school don't even know my minecraft game and I only have a cousin wat only when I come over I play with me

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  • That doesn’t work for me

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  • Why does Preston have his arms up like a zombie

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  • These are old ones but the vid is cool

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  • I like how near the last ones Preston build a really cool and safe house and unspeakable jumps from a plane like if he was on a secret spy mission

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  • Haha I love how he went “I been perfecting these techniques for century’s, it’s time to pass it on to my felllow viewers” I literally thought he was going to say to my fellow other generations and ancestors from the future

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